How Soccer Cubs Works

Students sitting in soccer goal

Class Curriculum

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We divide classes by age in order to meet your child's developmental needs. Younger age groups focus on developing motor skills and building good technique. As students progress through the program, more team-based drills are introduced.

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Classes last for 45-50 minutes and are once a week for 8 weeks. We have multiple class times for each age group. You can find class schedules by accessing the registration page of your chosen SoccerZone location.

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Our USSF-licensed coaches lead fun activities to build your child's athletic and social skills. We routinely change the drills and games to keep sessions engaging for returning students.

Each week of class focuses on a specific skill.

Week 1: Introductions & touches on the ball

Week 2: Dribbling

Week 3: Trapping

Week 4: Passing

Week 5: Shooting

Week 6: Combined dribbling & shooting

Week 7: Combined passing & shooting

Week 8: Combined passing, shooting & dribbling

Age Groups

  • Red-level classes introduce soccer to toddlers with activities that allow them to run, kick a ball, and get comfortable playing in a group.
  • Children develop gross motor skills such as balance and coordination, which are fundamental to the game.
  • Classes are parent-assisted.
  • Blue-level classes emphasize learning soccer fundamentals. 
  • Through fun games and activities, children learn balance, coordination, dribbling, trapping and shooting.
  • Fast-paced classes encourage students to participate in group activities and teach listening skills and teamwork.
  • Green-level classes are designed to strengthen students' basic soccer skills and help them get comfortable with playing on a team. 
  • At this age, we introduce a lot more ball-oriented games and give kids the opportunity to participate in non-competitive scrimmages to encourage teamwork. 
  • Group activities are geared towards polishing soccer fundamentals: trapping, dribbling, passing, and shooting.
  • Silver and Gold-level classes promote mastery of the skills learned in earlier classes. 
  • All activities are ball-oriented and encourage the kids to practice ball control.
  • At this age the children have developed a stronger sense of competition and we gear that competitiveness into a constructive growth experience.

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