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CommaSoccer, soccer soccer. That is what Max talks about all week long.Comma

Janet White

CommaJake looks forward to coming to class every morning!Comma

Christopher Waller

CommaSoccer Zone Lakeline is Maylees favorite thing to say!Comma

Darren Brown

CommaWe appreciate the care and kindness Leahs coach shows to her and all the other kids in her class.Comma

Jasmine Locker

CommaBest introductory soccer coaching we have ever seen. Great facility, too.Comma

Aaron Bell

CommaBoth of my kids have a blast! I recommended Cubs to all our classmates.Comma

Alexis Johnson

CommaThank You for all of your positive influence in soccer! I have loved being part of your organization! Looking forward to many more seasons!Comma

Dylan Witchurch

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Kickster’s Corner
  • Wk 1: Name Game. Who are you?
  • Wk 2: Crazy Socks!
  • Wk 3: Favorite team jersey!
  • Wk 4: Pajama Week!
  • Wk 5: Wear your favorite hat
  • Wk 6: Bring a friend
  • Wk 7: Wear your favorite color!
  • Wk 8: Party Time!